Same technology as the real ones !

SPORTS MINI LINE has launched the concept of creating a half scale exact replica of famous racing drivers.

Unlike conventional models, SPORTS MINI LINE helmets have been designed by recognized leaders in the racing helmet industry, featuring a high level of engineering excellence. As the full size real racing helmets, SPORTS MINI LINE helmets are hand made by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Using high technology components, the shell, the interior and the visor are made with similar materials as the real racing helmets.

Since more than 10 years, SPORTS MINI LINE made limited series of officially approved high quality 1:2 scale helmets of famous drivers. Many of these limited series were quickly sold-out. SPORTS MINI LINE 1:2 scale helmets easily find their place on a desk, on a shelf or in a window display. From the true automobile racing freak to the numerous fans, they are nothing less than fascinating and they also constitute an original gift.

Today, SPORTS MINI LINE mainly concentrates on special custom made series, for racing teams, sponsors and racing drivers.

From as little as 100 pieces, to series of 2500 pieces, SPORTS MINI LINE can reproduce all kinds of designs and graphics, within a reasonable timeframe and for realistic prices. Just lend us a real helmet, and very quickly its numerous little brothers will materialize!